(channel islands)
the ferry starts in St Malo in France
lots of sacs for those who are seasick
and arriving in nice weather
you can walk to St Elisabeth castle during low tide
but not during high tide
but then you have an amphibious taxi
the hotel
high and low tide. During low tide the island will expand about 20%
not all the monuments are well maintained
the wreck of this dutch ship was recovered some years ago. The British had captured this Dutch ship, named Havik. But as they had already a ship called Hawk ( the translation of Havik in English) it keeped its Dutch name, only the changed it into Havick.
and another castle with many stairs
rental cars have a H on the licenseplate. So you can recognise them.
the J means Jersey
Jersey Zoo. the only elephant in the zoo can be found in the gents bathroom
the streetnames are not always so easy to rembember
Rozel harbor, low and high tide
there are French and English influences.But not always translations!!
English can be difficult !!!
Jersey was during WW-2 occupied by the Germans. (the only part of Great Britain).
They build a hospital in the mountains (nowadays known as the Jersey war tunnels). But this was never used.
there are many bunkers, built by the Germans on the island.